Why are ambulance workers so angry?

The Ambulance Division of the Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services (TDHS) says ambulances have been called on to treat at least 30,000 patients since the beginning of 2017.

The state has seen more than 40,000 deaths since then.

It says many of the deaths have occurred in Tennessee’s rural counties.

Many of those patients are in a condition of critical care and are in the critical care unit.

The agency said that, since the start of 2017, ambulances were called to treat a total of 5,955 patients in the state of Tennessee, with an average wait time of nearly two hours.

Of those patients, more than 6,200 died, according to the agency.

The department said in a statement that some patients have been transported to other states to receive care, and some have been placed in the hospital with life-threatening complications.

The statement said that some of the cases involve a patient who was transported in critical care but who died in the ambulance.

“Our goal is to get all our patients in as soon as possible,” said Dr. Mary Ellen Riggs, who is in charge of the division.

“If we can’t get them in, we’re not going to do our job.”

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