What happens when a paramedic has to perform CPR on an injured person

The paramedic who was involved in an accident at a St John’s ambulance has been taken to hospital after suffering an injury that left her unable to walk.

A report on the accident, published in the St Johns Gazette on Thursday, stated the paramedic was left with “minor but significant” injuries to her leg.

She was taken to St John Hospital where she is said to be in a stable condition.

A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed that the paramedico was taken by ambulance to St Johns Hospital, where she has been admitted with minor but significant injuries to the right knee and left foot.

A post on the St Johns Gazette website read:”The paramedic’s condition is described as stable.

She is being treated by St John hospital staff.”

The paramedico, who was on her way to an operation in the afternoon, was involved with a crash on Saturday at a hospital in the city’s west, when a taxi collided with a car.

The driver of the car fled the scene.

The paramedics’ car collided with another vehicle, which then drove away from the scene, with no one in the ambulance at the time.

The accident occurred at around 7.45pm on Saturday, with a large crowd gathering to watch the ambulance, the St Joseph Ambulance, leaving the hospital.

It is not known if any other injuries have been sustained.

The St John Ambulatory Society said it is “deeply saddened” by the accident.

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