How to save yourself from a tragic accident with a life-saving medical kit

A man who died after being electrocuted in a barbed wire-covered ambulance was electrocuter himself and died after the ambulance took too long to arrive at the scene, a coroner has concluded.

The man, from Brescia in the north of Italy, was electrophysically dead at the time of his death, and had only just been treated for a stroke in the emergency department of the Bresciacampo hospital in the northern city of Bresca, the Coroner’s Office (SANTO) said. 

The ambulance was due to arrive in the city at 10.30am local time (18:30 GMT) on Friday.

But after an hour-and-a-half delay, it failed to reach the hospital, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from Breda in the south of Italy.

“It was a tragic end,” Coroner Luigi Giacomo, who took over the investigation in August, said.

The ambulance driver and the ambulance driver’s friend, who were travelling with the ambulance, were later arrested. 

After the accident, they were taken to the hospital and later charged with criminal negligence.

“The circumstances of the accident are incomprehensible and are not clear.

It seems to me that the ambulance was waiting for the ambulance and not the paramedic,” Giacomos said.”

On the day of the incident the ambulance had been waiting for a few minutes, which gave us some time to get the medical team together and prepare a proper medical report.”

The accident occurred at around 4.30pm local time, and was the first fatal accident in the hospital’s history.

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