How to play an ambulance in Spanish

You can make an ambulance sound like a spanish ambulance, but it’s still a fun way to play around with your ambulance sounds.

You just have to figure out the rules of the game.

Play the game, play the ambulance, and let the fun begin.

We recommend starting with a simple ambulance sound, and then add more to the mix to create an interesting, interesting experience.

First, we have to decide what the game sounds like.

For a classic ambulance, we would recommend starting from the first ambulance.

The player will be playing as a man, trying to get a patient to a hospital in a small town, and he will need to talk to several people who work at the hospital.

As he talks, the ambulance will be driving around and asking people what they need.

Each person who speaks up to give the patient the necessary help gets a bonus.

The first player to reach 10,000 points will get the option to choose a new sound, called a spaniel.

The spaniel sound will play when the ambulance drives past the hospital and when a hospital worker looks at a patient and says, “It’s too late.”

The second player to get 10,001 points will have the option of adding a sparrow.

When the ambulance gets to the hospital, the sparrow will sound like an old, dusty ambulance.

After the first player has finished the game and played the game for 15 minutes, he will get another option: A second spaniel, a spade.

If the player continues to play the game in this way, he’ll be able to add the second sparrow, a dog.

This time, the dog will be a barking dog, but this time it will be the same spaniel he just heard.

This way, the player is able to build up the level of the ambulance so that the player can make the first two sounds.

The next sound will be when the player gets a patient from the hospital’s ER, but the ambulance doesn’t have a car.

Instead, it has a pickup truck, which is what we used for the first game.

The ambulance then drives away, and the player will hear the pickup truck again.

Finally, after playing for five minutes, the second player can choose the sound of a dog barking.

The dog will then start barking.

When that happens, the game will end.

It’s a fun game, and it’s easy to teach.

But if you want to create your own sound, you can get started with our guide to building your own ambulance sounds, or start with the sound you already know.

The rules of our game are very simple: You’ll need a game box, a microphone, and a set of paper-clips.

All of these items are easily purchased online or at a hardware store.

The game box has two cards on the back, which the player uses to move around.

The cards tell you how many paper-clip spaces to fill out each card, and how many spaces to make a space for the ambulance.

Cards are used to keep track of the total space occupied by the cards, and this is used to make sure the card spaces are filled correctly.

The microphone can be bought at most hardware stores, and you can find them at most grocery stores, hardware stores and electronics stores.

All you need to do is turn the microphone on, and play the card game.

You can also play the whole game by yourself.

The paper-cards can be used as tokens, which are used in the game to help the player make the sound choices.

These tokens are used for turning the card games, which will make the sounds that you make in the ambulance game.

To play, you have to start with a basic ambulance sound.

The basic sound is the spaniel ambulance.

You’ll have to get as close to a town as possible.

You should make sure that you are at least a couple of hours away from the nearest hospital.

The more distance you get away from a hospital, and from the ambulance itself, the more challenging it will become.

Then you’ll have two choices: The player can use the spade to make an old ambulance sound that sounds like an ambulance driving past, or he can use his dog to make the spaid ambulance sound (the dog sounds when the dog walks around).

Both sounds can be played at the same time, and both sounds sound exactly the same.

The best sound is probably the spaed ambulance.

Once you get to a certain point in the level, the sound will stop, and there will be no ambulance to drive by.

You get to choose one of the sound options, and if you pick the spaded one, you will get a bonus that will allow you to drive in the next round.

This is the ambulance sounds we played at our local arcade.

It will sound similar to the spamed ambulance, except you will drive in a circle.

When you get close to the next intersection, the sounds will stop

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