First ambulance sound effect from ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3

An ambulance sounds like a giant truck going to work on the highway.

But that’s not the ambulance that first appeared in AMC’s zombie series The Walking Dead season 3.

Instead, AMC’s new ambulance has a more traditional “drum roll” style, according to a post on the blog of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

“I like the new ambulance,” said CBC’s Rick Santoro.

“It’s a big-ass ambulance with a huge sound system.

It has the right combination of big, big, and loud.”

AMC’s The Walking Bad’s first ambulance, the one in the second episode of season 3, was made of wood and had an audio system that sounded like an old pickup truck.

That’s a change from The Walking East’s The Good Wife, which used a more modern audio system.

“The good news is, the sound system from the new one is much louder,” Santoro told CBC.

“That’s really cool.”

He also said the new sound system is much quieter than the previous ambulance, which is why Santoro says he feels a “huge amount of confidence” that the new EMS is as good as it sounds.

“In terms of sound, it sounds more like a big truck than an ambulance,” he said.

The new EMS also comes with a lot more options for drivers.

There are three different types of ambulance, all of which can be purchased separately.

You can choose from a “truck” ambulance, a “hospital” ambulance or a “medical” ambulance.

“All three of those ambulance types have a certain sound and volume, so they’re all great choices,” said Santoro, adding that he doesn’t expect the new ambulances to become the “standard” for emergency vehicles in the near future.

AMC is also bringing back the old ambulance.

In season 2, it was a “vehicle ambulance,” with a similar sound system, but it was only available in a “shelter mode” and not as a truck.

The trailer for season 3 shows an ambulance that’s just like the original one, but with a more conventional sounding system.

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