How to deal with a paramedic who is ‘a little overzealous’

A paramedic in Texas has reportedly been caught on video saying, “Don’t push me.”

In the video, a paramedist was talking with a woman who had just had surgery.

The paramedic then says, “I’m gonna go and push her.”

The video shows that the paramedic’s hand is in her pocket and the woman is seen trying to push him away.

The woman can be heard asking, “What is that?” as she is heard to respond, “That’s an ambulance.”

The paramedic was reportedly reprimanded by the hospital’s general manager for his behavior, which is also captured on the video.

According to WFAA, the woman had surgery last month.

The video was taken on the same day a paramediscope in Texas captured a man using the same words as the man in the hospital video.

The paramediscopter then said, “It’s gonna take us two minutes, I’m going to be back.”

The woman was then seen walking out of the hospital with a stretcher.

A spokesperson for the hospital said the man’s actions were not an accident.

The ambulance has since been stopped.

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