Why do some people feel so good? A toy ambulance that can save your life

Posted November 05, 2020 09:30:33 A man who was given a toy ambulance after suffering a stroke on the job has had his life saved thanks to a toy he bought from the internet.

The incident took place in China, where emergency vehicles are still rare and expensive.

A Chinese official told ABC News the man, who was not identified, had been a paramedic for nearly 10 years and had been in China since March.

He said he bought the ambulance from an online retailer on March 8.

It was delivered to his home on March 14.

The ambulance was powered by a lithium battery, but had to be disconnected after its battery died.

After a couple of days, he got the idea to take it home.

“I told my wife, ‘I’m going to get the ambulance to China’,” he told ABC.

“So we went to a friend’s house and bought a toy and took it to the house.”

He said the ambulance was equipped with a camera and oxygen.

It could save his lifeThe ambulance came back to him a week later.

“When I woke up the next morning I thought, ‘Oh my God, what has happened?’,” he said.

“Then I realised, oh my God.”

The man’s wife took him to a hospital in Changsha, and the ambulance arrived there on April 2.

The paramedics were taken to a local hospital and then to a specialist centre for emergency medicine in Beijing.

They were then transferred to the Beijing General Hospital.

The hospital was also treating the man.

“It took them about two days to diagnose the condition of his brain,” the hospital’s chief medical officer, Wang Yiqiang, told ABC on Wednesday.

“They were very interested in what was going on with the patient and what could have been caused by his condition.”

And we were able to explain what the diagnosis was.

“Wang said the hospital had seen a surge in cases of brain damage in recent years.”

We have seen more and more cases, and we’ve seen a lot of patients, many of them in our centre, having brain injuries that require immediate medical attention,” he added.

The Chinese official said the man had been given an oxygen mask, and his oxygen levels had stabilized.

The man was flown to a regional hospital in Shanghai and the emergency service was transferred to a Shanghai hospital.”

The hospital also confirmed the man was in good health and was expected to recover.”

Then he was on a ventilator, and he regained some control and began talking.”

The hospital also confirmed the man was in good health and was expected to recover.

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