AUSTrIA has an estimated $5.8 billion in ambulance costs, according to new figures released by the Federal Government.

The figures are likely to fuel debate over how to improve the country’s health care system and whether it is cost-effective to spend more money on health care.

Australia has more than 8.3 million registered emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, who are responsible for administering emergency medical care to patients.

EMTs are responsible not just for administering the care, but also for ensuring patients receive the correct medication, administering oxygen and administering fluids.

In Australia, the EMTs spend about $3,200 a year on average.

But the figures also show how much the EMT system is struggling to provide value for money.

As of September 2017, EMTs spent about $4,000 more per year than they spent in the past, the Government said in a statement.

While the EMTTs are able to administer and care for a greater number of patients, there are still concerns about how they are able do so.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to track how much an EMTT costs,” Health Minister Cameron Dick said.

Mr Dick said the Government was working with health experts and stakeholders to develop a model for how to best support EMTs.

He said the government was looking at how EMTs could be more efficient, while ensuring that the cost of their care remained within the budget.

Anxiety over the future of the EMTS has been on the minds of health experts in recent weeks.

A key element of Mr Dick’s plan, which has been in the works for some time, is to ensure that the EMTHTs are able and willing to perform at the level required to keep Australians safe.

Emt care will not be allowed to be reduced as part of the Government’s efforts to increase patient safety.

However, Mr Dick said that while the EMts were able to do a lot more work, the current system of EMTT’s was still in its infancy.

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