Caddy Cadillac: This Is Your First Day Of Life

Cadillac is coming out with a new ambulance, the Caddy Ambulance.

The ambulance will be available in the U.S. beginning on April 19.

Cadillac has a lot of fans in the automotive industry.

The brand is a favorite of Ford, the maker of the Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid, as well as Chevy, Toyota, and Honda.

And now, Cadillac has a brand new ambulance.

A Cadillac spokesperson tells ABC News, “We know that it’s a difficult time for some people in the community.

We’ve seen a lot in recent weeks, and we want to offer comfort to those who need it.”

The ambulance has a five-point canopy that has been designed to allow for an adult to walk through.

It will be made by the American National Ambulances.

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