When Empress ambulance gets to the hospital

When Empres ambulance gets back to the station, they’ll know something is amiss.

This is because Empres paramedic, Elisha, is not a fan of her old partner.

Elishas new partner is an empress.

Now Empres paramedics need help with the new empress!

Empres EMS team is working on a medical emergency at the Empres Ambulance Station.

The Empres medical emergency department is full of people who want to help, but are not able to because they are waiting for someone to pick them up.

Empres is a small city in northern Michigan and there is no ambulance to pick up people.

They also do not have a hospital.

As a result, Empres ambulances are full of patients who need help, and are waiting outside the Emporium.

The ambulance team is called on a number of occasions to help with medical emergencies and emergencies involving the Emperors health.

The Ambulances Emporia and Empres station are the only hospitals in Empories area, but there is a big problem in the Empors area.

There are no ambulances to pick people up in Emporers neighborhood.

The only way to get people to a hospital is to drive them to the Emprese Ambulante.

The city of Detroit, has an emergency department that is also in the area.

It is staffed by a couple of firefighters and a medic.

The two teams meet at the Ambulant station and they discuss their needs.

The Medics team members agree to help the ambulance.

They decide to go to the ambulance station.

The team members leave and walk down a narrow alley.

The medics are very scared, but they decide to stay because they think they can get help.

A few minutes later, a group of men, dressed in black and carrying guns, arrives.

They start chasing the medics, who are walking towards the Emps ambulance.

One of the men shoots a man in the head and flees.

A second man starts chasing the two, but he gets caught and shoots him in the neck.

The third man gets shot in the back and runs.

They get to the EMS station and the paramedics are all waiting to pick the people up.

The paramedics decide to wait for the ambulance to arrive, and the ambulance arrives.

One person is taken to the emergency room at the hospital, and another is put into a medically induced coma.

The paramedic who saved the ambulance, and also saved his own life, is called out by the Empris paramedic.

The people who are in the ambulance are being evacuated.

The man who was shot in his neck is in the ICU.

The person who was in the coma is now on a ventilator.

The EMS team members decide to pick him up and take him home.

The other people in the ambulances ambulance are still in shock.

One paramedic says to the other, “You have a chance.”

“I don’t have a shot,” one of the other paramedic replies.

“I’m going to get you out of here.”

“How can you tell?” the paramedic responds.

“You’ve got to ask him,” the paramedica says.

“The guy who shot you,” the other says.

The one who was hurt in the accident is now recovering in a hospital bed.

The three people who were shot are now in critical condition.

The four men who were wounded were all treated and released from the hospital.

Two of the three men who survived the accident are now recovering at home.

They are expected to recover in two to three weeks.

The woman who survived is now in her 80s and will be the first person in the world to have her heart removed and her heart replaced.

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