‘Tough situation’ as ambulance truck crashes into fence of Napoli stadium

Ambulances have been forced to respond to scenes of a crash in Naples, Italy, on Wednesday, as the country prepares for the return of a national football match on Saturday against Roma.

The incident took place at the end of the second half of the Serie A game between Napoli and Pescara, which saw the latter manage to escape with a draw.

“It was a tough situation, as they [the ambulance] have to come in at night and they are in a very dangerous area,” a policeman told La Repubblica newspaper.

The ambulance arrived at the scene and the injured were transported to nearby hospitals, where they were being treated.

The Napoli coach had been travelling to the city for the match but was forced to turn around due to the situation.

“He was on the phone with the ambulance when the accident happened,” said a source close to the coach.

Napoli and Roma have met just once before, in the 2009-10 Champions League final, when the Rossoneri won 3-1.

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