Which ambulances are the best in the world?

An ambulance is a vehicle with a stretcher and can be operated by a trained person.

It is typically a first-aid vehicle with limited capacity to carry patients, but its primary function is transporting injured patients to hospital.

The vehicle can also carry people with disabilities and patients with advanced illnesses.

Some ambulances can also be used for transport of heavy equipment and heavy vehicles.

The best ambulances in the World, in terms of patient safety and cost, are the ones used by paramedics in northern Nigeria, according to a survey by the American Ambulance Association.

“We see ambulances that are used for transporting patients, transporting heavy equipment, transporting patients with a disability, and transporting people with advanced diseases,” said Jim Kowalchuk, the president of the American Association of Ambulances, who is based in Portland, Oregon.

“Those are the ambulances of choice.

We would have to put our money where our mouth is and choose a paramedic over one that is not,” he said.

The survey of more than 1,500 paramedics nationwide found that paramedics are the preferred operators of ambulances.

Only 6% of respondents said that a paramedist’s skills or experience was less important than a paramedian’s equipment.

“A paramedic’s skill and experience are critical,” Kowalachuk said.

“In a paramedically-trained world, the ability to do things the right way and to know how to handle the right equipment and how to work with the right people and the right tools is critical.

A paramedic should be able to do this, and if not, they need to be trained.”

Kowalskchuk said that the survey found that there were a lot of factors that make a paramedical person the best operator.

“The type of work you do, the type of equipment you use, the amount of training, the training, training, and then the ability of the paramedic to work within the parameters of the situation is really critical,” he told FoxNews.com.

“That is what separates the good from the good.”

In a survey of paramedics across the country, nearly one in three said they are the primary operator of a vehicle that carries an injured person to a hospital.

However, just over a quarter of the responders said they were the primary driver of an ambulance that transported patients from a hospital to a home.

The majority of responders said that their primary goal is to take the injured patient to a family member or friend, which is what the majority of the ambulance companies do.

In addition to the importance of training and the training of paramedics, Kowallchuk said, there are many other reasons why ambulances should be considered a first choice for paramedics.

“There are a number of factors associated with a good paramedic, including: The ability to be able take the patient to the hospital quickly;

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