Which American professional ambulance is best?

The American Professional Ambulance Association (APAA) has put together a ranking of the top professional ambulances in the country based on their performance and safety record.

The APAA, which represents nearly 5,000 EMS professionals, says it is working on a report to be published next month. 

“In order to ensure safety and performance, our top professional ambulance should be certified by the American Association of State Fire Marshals (AASM) and certified by a state or territory EMS department,” said APAA chief executive officer David Baughman. 

In order for a certified professional ambulance to perform at a level of safety that meets its mission, the state or the territory must be a member of the APAA. 

The top professional paramedics in each state are listed below.

The list is based on the results of an independent survey of more than 10,000 professional ambulance providers conducted by AASM in 2017. 

It was based on a sample of about 5,500 paramedics and 1,000 emergency medical technicians. 

AASm is a trade association of EMS providers representing the US government, state governments, and private companies. 

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