‘Ambulance’ to get ‘a lot more people to use’: ‘Amr’ to have more people using the ‘amr’ acronym in a video

It’s a big, new category on MTV’s popular music video series, Amr, which launched Wednesday.

But, it’s not the only brand that has taken to the term. 

“Ambulances,” says Amr’s host, Justin Timberlake, “have a lot of people in the world.” 

“A lot of ambulances” has become the name of a genre of hip-hop-inspired rap, which has also spawned music videos for “Ambulant,” “Ambulatory” and “Ambition,” among others.

The acronym, coined by artist Nas, is a combination of the words “Ambient,” “A” and the word ambulance. 

And, there’s more to it than just “Ambular.”

The word ambulance also refers to a type of medical emergency that can involve multiple doctors or nurses.

In that case, the word would be “Amber.” 

Amr is not just a new word.

It’s also a new genre of music video. 

In the new clip, Justin is asked to name the newest trend of music videos.

“Ambulate,” he says. 

The word ambulance was first coined by rapper, Nas, in the ’90s.

The first video for the song, “Ambual,” debuted on February 16, 1994, and featured a line from the rapper that was popularized by rapper Lil Wayne, then a member of the hip-hopping group 2 Live Crew. 

Amber, a term coined by Nas in 1993, is an acronym for ambulatory. 

Justin Timberlake and other guests in the “Ambi” video, which was created by rapper Nas, speak on the title of the video, “A lot more ambulances are being used, it really is a lot more.”

“Ambual” was released in 1994. 

After the video’s release, the term “ambulances” became a popular phrase to describe ambulances in hip-hops, which often used ambulances to help people get to the hospital or to the emergency room. 

During the 1990s, the use of ambulatory slang became so prevalent that “ambulate” became the term for the slang term “AmeriCorps” (the acronym for AmeriCorp Ambulance). 

In addition to the “Aamr” and other hip-Hop videos, Amram has appeared on the covers of Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, as well as on MTV. 

According to Billboard, Amranta and Amram are both trending in the U.S. According to Billboard: “Ambri” has now taken on a life of its own in pop culture.

In recent years, it has been used as a slang term for ambulances, the acronym for ambulance services, the hip hop collective A Tribe Called Quest.

In an episode of the HBO documentary series “Ambien,” a rapper, DJ Z-Ro, is heard saying that “amr is the new Aam.” 

In recent years a growing number of Amram-themed videos have surfaced on YouTube.

Amr has been featured in videos for Lil Wayne’s “Lil Wayne,” “K.I.D.”s “Waka Flocka Flame,” “Tay-Tay,” and other rappers. 

Amram, like Amber, is also a category on Billboard’s Hot 100, where it has peaked at No. 2. 

More: Amrar is an umbrella term for “ambulatory” or “ambulation.” 

Ambi is an abbreviation for ambulance, ambulance service, and the hiphop group A Tribe called Quest.

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