Buckeye Ambulance Gets the Biggest Health-Care Paycheck in America

Posted November 10, 2018 05:05:58 Buckeye, a private ambulance service in North Carolina, is the biggest employer in the state.

And the state is making some big bucks out of it.

The Buckeye ambulance service received more than $5 million in state Medicaid funding last year, according to a report from the state Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

The most recent available figures show the company has earned $2.8 million since April, with a big chunk of that coming from the $1.5 million Medicaid expansion.

Buckeye’s CEO, David Jones, is currently serving on the boards of the North Carolina Department of Public Health and the North Carolinian Emergency Medical Services Commission.

The $2 million in Medicaid funds is the largest single payout for the company since it began operating in 2019.

Buckeyes ambulance crews in the past have received more money from Medicaid than any other ambulance service, including the North Charleston, South Carolina, ambulance company.

But while the state’s largest ambulance service earned more money than any ambulance service last year in North Carolinians Medicaid program, that’s just a fraction of the $11.2 million the company is getting from the federal government.

The biggest federal Medicaid payouts of the year for ambulance companies have been from the Tennessee Emergency Medical Assistance Program, which also includes a portion of Medicaid.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services both made $1 million each out of Medicaid in 2019, according the Legislative Fiscal Bureaus report.

The largest federal Medicaid payout from 2018 to 2019 came from the Department, which paid $3.4 million to a Nashville-based company that was part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield system.

The report says the state will not have to pay back any Medicaid payments from the 2019-2020 fiscal year because the agency’s Medicaid program is not yet fully operational.

The department’s Medicaid funding has also not yet been fully disbursed.

The state Department of Emergency Management has received more Medicaid payments than any of the other agencies, including $3 million for its ambulance service.

The agency has spent $3,700 per person since the start of fiscal year 2019, the report says.

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