WrestleMania 25: The first-ever wrestling toy for kids, an ambulance ride, cost $250

Fun fact: The WWE toy WWE Ambulance Ride cost $25 to make.

It’s the first ever wrestling toy to feature a toy ambulance.

In the video, WWE superstar Seth Rollins (aka The Undertaker) is shown taking a ride on an ambulance.

It comes complete with a box of matchboxes, matchbox ambulance and a box with matchbox stretcher.

There’s also a stretcher to use when he’s not on the mat.

The toy will be available at Toys ‘R’ Us stores and Amazon.com beginning in the middle of the month.WWE’s wrestling toy line has been around since 2013.

It includes the Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, Goldberg, CM Punk and Roman Reigns.

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