Which counties in Maryland and Virginia have the highest hospitalizations and deaths per capita?

By Chris Hurd, The Associated PressAUGUSTA, Ga.

(AP) The number of hospitalizations in the U.S. rose sharply last year to its highest level since the 1960s and now stands at 1.47 million.

Here’s how the states rank: Alaska, at 936,890 hospitalizations per 100,000 residents, ranks first with 539,000, followed by Wyoming (824,900), Georgia (731,300) and Kentucky (636,400).

North Dakota, at 890,200, ranks seventh with 633,400.

Mississippi is at 718,400, while New Jersey is at 596,700.

California, at 697,200.

Hawaii, at 705,100.

Delaware, at 587,200 and West Virginia, at 570,800.

South Dakota, is at 570-700,000.

Alabama, at 487,700, is the No. 1 state with the highest rate of hospitalization, followed closely by Kentucky (485,400) and North Carolina (479,900).

Mississippi is No. 3 with 488,400 and Arkansas is No 4 with 461,800 per 100 people.

Kentucky is No 5 with 439,800 and Tennessee is No 6 with 436,400 per 100.

Mississippi and Tennessee are the only states to have a rate of at least 1,000 per 100 residents.

Idaho, at 1,012,300, is No 7 with 1,015,400 in the top 10.

Montana is No 8 with 925,100 in the bottom 10.

Arizona, at 950,100, is seventh with 875,200 in the No 10.

Wyoming, at 489,200 is No 9 with 478,400 across the country.

Hawaii, at 505,400 is the fourth-highest in the nation with a rate that is 1,050 per 100 in the 10th percentile, with a total of 1,048,900.

Illinois, at 504,900 is No 10 with 696,100 among the states in the middle of the pack, at No. 12 with 472,400 nationally.

Virginia, is second at 576,300.

Tennessee, at 490,600 is No 13 with 489-490,600 across the nation.

Mississippi, at 480,300 is No 14 with 479-480,300 across the United States.

South Carolina, at 475,300 and Louisiana, at 465,800 are the No 15 states.

Mississippi has the second-highest rate of emergency department visits among the 50 states, with an average of 2,000 a day.

Texas is No 16 with an emergency department visit rate of 1.25 per 100 statewide.

Louisiana, at 3,906,100 is No 17 with an annual average of 1 million emergency department admissions, with 1.24 million emergency hospital admissions.

West Virginia is No 18 with an overall emergency department rate of 2.2 million, with the top 25 states having an emergency room rate of 5.6 million.

Mississippi also has the highest number of emergency room visits per capita, with 5,934 per 100 person.

Mississippi has the seventh-highest number of adults aged 25 to 64 in the country with an estimated 3,500 deaths.

That number was 4,935 per 100 adults, according to the latest national report from the National Center for Health Statistics.

The Mississippi Valley, which includes the Gulf Coast, was home to 1.6 times more deaths than the average, according the report.

The number of people with a disability has more than doubled in the last five years, with people with mental health disabilities alone accounting for 8 percent of the U and S. population, according Topping the list are the 7 percent of Americans who have a mental health disability, according with a mental disorder is defined as having problems with a specific mental illness.

Mississippi ranked fifth in the states with the most mental health conditions, according The Associated State Health Commission.

Among the states where there is no state-wide mental health services are Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Arkansas, the report states.

There are 3,000 state mental health facilities across the U in the United Nations Population Fund for Children.

Health care spending per capita in Mississippi has risen over the last decade, with increases of 10 percent in 2010 and 16 percent in 2011.

According to the U, spending on Medicaid increased $13.3 billion from 2010 to 2015, while spending on Medicare grew by $9.5 billion from 2013 to 2016.

In 2016, Mississippi had the highest poverty rate in the state with 23.5 percent of residents living in poverty, according.

Median household income in Mississippi is $44,959, which is more than double the national median of $26,865, according figures from the U of L.

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