When an ambulance company goes out of business: What you need to know about ambulance services in Victoria

VANCOUVER (Reuters) – The state’s largest ambulance service is on the verge of closure after it ran out of money and ran out to hire new paramedics.

The Victoria Fire and Emergency Services Association said the company, Tri County Ambulance, was “out of money” and it needed to raise up to $1 million to keep operating.

It’s the second time in a year that the company has run out of cash and needed help raising money to keep the company going.

A year ago Tri County became the first ambulance service in the country to lose money, after it lost more than $900,000.

The ambulance service was founded in 1864 and is run by the Tri County ambulance and emergency services association.

In its first financial report, the association said Tri County had a “significant cash flow problem”.

“The ambulance business is a cash cow for Tri County, but the problem is that we have no staff,” it said.

The association said it was looking for a “reasonable alternative to continue operations”, and has also started to raise money to continue to run the service.

“This has not been easy,” it wrote.

The association’s director, Mike Tait, said the situation was getting worse.””

It is time for us to ask the people of Victoria to do more.”

The association’s director, Mike Tait, said the situation was getting worse.

“We have been asking our members to put more than the minimum amount in and now we have just got to ask them to make a little bit more,” he said.

“So we’re not asking you to give up.

You’re saying, ‘Look, we’re here to help you’.””

We’re asking you just to take a little less out, take a bit more out and give us a little more to keep our lights on and to keep tri County alive.”

Victoria Fire and Rescue Service chief executive officer, Steve Scott, said he was also concerned about the situation.

“I’m really concerned about what’s happening to the ambulance services across Victoria.

We are struggling,” he told a media conference.”

The whole ambulance business in Victoria is on a tear and the situation is going to get worse.”

Mr Scott said the Victorian Government had not been able to provide the emergency services with any more money.

“They are out of their funding, they’re just on the hook,” he added.

“That’s a reality that’s going to come.”

Victoria is one of the world’s most expensive places to run a private ambulance service.

The Tri County service covers all parts of Victoria, including parts of the north and south of the state.

It is based in the southern part of Victoria.

Tri County was established in 1863 and is one the oldest private ambulance services.

It has more than 2,000 licensed ambulance personnel and has a fleet of more than 1,500 vehicles.

Tri is one to two times the size of the average private ambulance, and the company runs about 30 full-time employees and about 600 part-time staff.

It runs two ambulance services, a helicopter and two private ambulance companies.

A spokeswoman for the state ambulance association said: “We need to raise a little extra to keep Tri County operating.”

“It’s a real challenge.

It’s really hard to keep an ambulance service going.””

We’ve had to take action, but we’ve had a lot of support from the public and from Tri County.”

The ambulance services are owned by the Victorian Ambulances Association, which is also the national ambulance association.

Victoria Fire & Emergency Services chief executive Steve Scott said he would be open to the possibility of Tri County getting back into the ambulance business.

“If we get the money, we will definitely consider it,” he wrote.

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