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The latest medical costs are out for all hospitals in the United States, and the results could surprise you.

The numbers come from the American Hospital Association, and they show the nation’s biggest hospitals are spending more than their competitors, which has become the trend in recent years.

The AHA said this month that it was publishing the data on its website, and you can see the full list of top-ranking hospitals below.

AHA CEO Larry Robbins says hospitals across the country are spending “more than their peers” in order to be in the top-tier of their industry.

The chart below shows the highest average cost per-person, based on data from the AHA.

In 2016, hospitals were paying a little more than $1,000 for a hospital bed in the U.S. per person.

That’s a slight decrease from the $2,700 average per-patient cost in 2015.

But the average cost of a hospital room for a person with no health care insurance was $1.087 million.

The average cost for a room for someone with health insurance was also $1 (a drop from $2.5 million) in 2016.

“When we look at costs, it’s a simple matter of dollars per-day or dollars per bed, and that’s what we’re seeing,” Robbins said.

A hospital bed for a single person is $2 million per year.

The cheapest room in a big hospital is $1 million, the lowest cost is $600,000 per year, Robbins said, and there are no higher-end rooms.

The bottom line: Hospitals are spending too much.

In 2020, the ABA reported the average annual cost of paying a hospital bill for a patient with no medical insurance was about $11,000.

That compares to $13,000 in the year before that.

The most expensive hospital bill in the country is $3,000 a day.

The cost per day is lower in 2018 than in 2017.

“It is a real problem in the health care system,” Robbins added.

“That’s the real issue that we’re dealing with.”

The ABA estimates the average hospital bill could reach $18,000 if the average price per-purchase is $6,000, meaning a $5,000 bill can reach $22,000 by the end of the year.

A lot of people have no health insurance, but the average rate of health care costs per person is still high, according to the AHRAs data.

For example, an annual visit to the hospital costs about $6 million per person in the ABO.

That same person with health care coverage could pay $2 to $5 million in out-of-pocket costs, according the AHAs report.

And a patient could have about $15,000 to $30,000 of medical expenses.

That means that if the cost of care is $5 or $10, the person with the most money would end up spending more on medical care than anyone else.

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The average patient spending $4,000 or more in out of pocket costs annually is the lowest among the top 50 hospitals, according AHA data.

Hospitals with high rates of out-pandemic costs are also among the highest in the industry, with $16,000 and $24,000 bills per patient, respectively.

In 2017, the hospital with the highest cost per patient was the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which was in the middle of a pandemic.

The hospital had a per-visit average cost that was $18.17, or 10 percent more than the next-highest hospital.

The Johns Hopkins is now one of the few hospitals in a dozen U.K. cities to offer a single room for the low price of $1 a night, and it plans to open a $300 million $1 billion building later this year.

But there are other big health care institutions that are also spending more per person than most of their peers, and those hospitals have a lot of money to spend.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Hospital for Special Surgery has the highest per-patient costs, averaging $17,000 every year.

That hospital’s costs per patient for 2020 are also higher than the $17 million average per person cost for the top 10 hospitals in 2016, according data from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Other big health systems in the American Health Care Association include Memorial Sloan Kettering, where the average costs per-per-patient for a bed is $11.75 million, followed by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center, which had a price tag of $11 million per patient in 2020.

In the ACHA’s report, hospitals that were the lowest-cost in the list of the top 100 hospitals had average costs of $2 per person per day in 2020, and a rate of $8,000 annually.

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