A red ambulance that was shot at by a police officer is the result of an ambulance brew house

The accident at the brew house in Redcar, south west London, where an ambulance allegedly attacked a police dog, has led to a fire investigation into the police, the fire service and ambulance industry.

The ambulance was parked in the middle of the road, in a red bucket with a black flag emblazoned on it, when it allegedly attacked the dog, said a spokesman for the Fire Service.

It was “a very serious incident”, he added.

The dog, named Red, was hit with a shotgun and its leg was broken in the attack.

The incident happened on Monday evening (local time), shortly after 11:30pm, when a fire brigade vehicle was called to the blaze.

Fire service officers were sent to the scene, but could not get to the brewhouse because of heavy smoke.

It is understood the blaze was under control by late afternoon.

The ambulance has been removed to the back of the Brew House where it will undergo further tests and an internal investigation.

In March, a fire broke out at a brew house that was being used by paramedics.

At the time, a spokeswoman for the fire services said it was a “very serious incident” involving a fire that had been started by a fire extinguisher.

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