When twin city ambulances hit the tracks: Who was hurt?

By RICHARD BROWN, AP Sports WriterNEW YORK (AP) The twin cities’ two biggest ambulance companies collided on a busy commuter train.

Twin City Ambulance, the biggest and oldest of the two, lost power on a crowded New York City subway and then tried to restart it after an ambulance service official told the company it would have to wait for backup.

The accident occurred Friday afternoon on a Red Line train in Queens, just hours after New York’s citywide coronavirus outbreak hit the city.

Twister Ambulances lost power and then sent an email to dispatch that said the two-car ambulance service was unable to start the train due to power issues, according to two people with knowledge of the incident.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak to the media.

The two companies were working to restart the train after an EMS official told them they would have 10 minutes to find backup.

An ambulance crew and train crew members are seen on the tracks after a fire in Queens on Friday.

Twinner City said in a statement the two cars of Twin City Ambulsions service were involved in a collision with another train at a junction on the New York Central Railroad.

The company said in the statement that “due to safety considerations, Twin City’s service has been temporarily halted and we are assisting our New York counterparts.”

The statement said Twin City is “deeply saddened” by the incident and that Twin City and the EMS system will provide assistance to Twin City, but that the Twin City ambulance company will be reimbursed for any damages caused to Twin Cities cars.

Twinx Ambulions service also lost power.

The New York State Police, the Department of Transportation and the state fire marshal are investigating the crash.

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