How to call an ambulance in midwest

How to: Find an ambulance number in the US and Canada, and call an EMS ambulance number.

If you have an emergency in the Midwest, call an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulance.

If an EMS medical professional is not responding to your emergency call, you should dial 911.

What to do if you get an emergency call in midwestern US: Call an EMS hospital.

You can get an ambulance to your location, or call the local police.

If a police officer arrives at your location with a police escort, you can try to get him to stop or arrest them.

Call 911.

If your ambulance does not respond to your call, call 911.

The police will then take your call and try to contact the EMS ambulance company.

If they do not arrive within 15 minutes, they will be able to provide the paramedics with more information.

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